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Kings & Queens is a music project from Nevada City, California. The dark Sierra Nevada forest and the hot skies of the Mojave yielded a new song book for singer, guitarist and closet Englishman Rich Good, after the demise of his first California band "the Pleased" (with Noah Georgeson and Joanna Newsom). This music trips down the mountain to the desert, landscape affecting sound. Kings & Queens is darkly psychedelic pop sparkling with tints of Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac, Neu!, Roxy Music and Nick Drake. There's a restless tension in these songs that will get under your skin; a layer cake of delayed guitars and analog organs twist and grind while harmony vocals float above a relentless rhythm section. It will see you warmed and alarmed.

The current Kings & Queens players are Rich and Andrea Good, Pete Newsom, David Torch, and Art Echternacht.

Story so far: In 2006 the first Kings & Queens EP was self-released closely followed by the LP 'The Dream Ends in Fury'. The band also contributed a live track to the Grass Roots Record Co. 'Family Album'. 2007 yielded another set of songs that formed the second EP including the epic 'Celebrate' and 'Like a Warning' that were quickly snapped up by RCRD_LBL, and the fuzzy dance of 'Olbers' Paradox' which found its way on into a british art experiment. Touring on the west coast has included shows with Bat For Lashes, Citay, Sleepy Sun and Aaron Ross. In 2008 their sounds featured on A&E television and some BMX stuff and work began on a new set of songs that are currently being recorded at Orderly Manor. Rich spent most of 2009 on tour playing guitar for the Psychedelic Furs but still managed to finish the self-recorded album 'Jet in Carina' - it will be available imminently.

"In a time where all of our peacocks are unsure of their colors, it's nice to hear something that self assured in it's meandering. Good's richness shines through. Sexy." - Tahiti

"Lush Spiritualized lullabyists" - SF Weekly

"The soulful songs on the pair's 2006 EP have a hallucinatory power that conjures up mirages and shimmering light... resonant organ riffs combined with Rich Good's guitar reverb are the foundation of their magical soundscape." - The Union

Kings & Queens

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